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Mirror site is being built right now, check out "Notes" section for extra news on how & why : Mugen Lair


Site moved again -_-

First character hosted here is: KEN lvl 2 by aZ Cal

Songs removed from all pages.

Counter re-added.

Guestbook added.

Paletes section "fixed" . ( it looked kinda bad :P )

Wellcome to the new website !!!!

Counter removed/Small eye-candy updates.


Note to self & notice to you -/-

The Database I'm currently building isn't actually like RandomSelect used to have, it's more like a mugen sites database, since working individually to present info about each character hosted on each site would take even more O.O , so I decided that publishing 1 site along with 1 creation ( 1 character) and then offering info about what you will find on that site, that will be more helpful ... to both of us, but mostly me. Also, I added "Stages" section at Database, since some websites only host stages, or some creators only wish to work on stages and nothing else, same thing goes for "Add-ons" section. I should also add a "Paletes" section XD since there are sites whom belong to palete creators, and that's all you'll find xD...but no.


Please check News section./Music re-added to pages.


Links page is back.


There seems that there is 500mb bandwidth limit for FreeWebs sites so, in order to continue using bandwidth even if it passes 500mb I had to enable adds, in order to disable them just use FireFox with the Adblock-Plus add-on and that should take away most of the annoying advertisement from most sites.
Also, the freewebs bandwith limit resets on the 12th, even if I'm in minus, it will just reset to 0 used.
And for God's sake people, it's dresmasher <---- like that or dre<---- like that, not anything else and yes with a small "d".


You can download any WinMugen version at Random Select


15 - 06 - 2007 at 11:12 (GMT+01:00)

- added music to most of the pages...

- explore the site to check 'em out =D



- if there is one of my creation that is doing you problems (can't see fonts, crashes...) DON'T e-mail me or leave a message to help you, join a forum and try getting some help there or you could just figure it out yourself. The screenpack "Heaven or Hell" (my only current creation) has been tested and no problems were found/nor reported by the forum where I'm at so if anything is wrong then it must be your mugen version or something like that!!

- any mails/guestbook signatures that contain inadequate words or requests or anything that doesn't concerns me will not be responded!!!


Finally, did this site, I've been planing it for a long time. Here you will find my work and some other creations, some hosted some just linked (to the main site) (mugen - if you don't know what Mugen is the you better check wikipedia) so please respect the rules:

- if U want to use some sprites from my creations, or sounds just mail me, I'm not a savage guy, in fact there are 85% chances that I'll allow U to use them...

- If U want to host 'em, same thing

- if U're planing on using the sprites of a hosted creation then U should talk with the author(s) of that creation


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